CyberBionic Systematics Account. A Unique identifier to access all our resources

CyberBionic Systematics Account - a unique user ID used to get access to all information resources and services of CyberBionic Systematics. You can easily get registered - create your account, customize it or edit it. It only takes a couple of minutes.

If you are logged in to one of the resources of CyberBionic Systematics, you do not need to re-do the login process on other sites. You can immediately begin the process of learning, watching your video courses on, checking your progress using the TestProvider service, or reading the news and the world of information technology on the main site training center CyberBionic Systematics

If you use multiple devices to work with CyberBionic Systematics resources, we take care of the synchronization of your information and the progress and plans for further training, testing and certification.

You have the opportunity to change your personal information available for public viewing or make them private at any time. If you forget your password, do not worry, you can recover it – contact our technical support service.

If your computer is used by several users of CyberBionic Systematics resources, each of them should have his own account, because each account is tied to a specific user, the results of testing and certification, and individual Technology IT specialist portrait is formed specifically for each user.

If you've already used the resources of CyberBionic Systematics and have an account, you can use it. In case you forgot your username and the email address you used for registration, you can repeat the registration process again.

You have created a CyberBionic Systematics account. What's next?

Your CyberBionic Systematics account - is the key to (educational video portal for IT professionals), on-line testing and certification service and official training center site.